• Faculty of Architecture, Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute offers PhD program from the academic year 2017. The objective of the program is to train scholars towards advanced research and development and creating an opportunity for the students to rigorously explore and develop in-depth knowledge in a subject of their interest and thereby enabling them to make original contribution in their field of research.
  • The program aspires to build up core competencies like research capabilities, critical thinking and writing, communication, publication and engagement and teaching skills through a rigorous course work.

Eligibility: M.Arch

Services Title

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Project Info

  • Category: Architecture
  • PO1 Acquire outstanding fundamental knowledge in the field of Construction Project Management.
  • PO2 Encompass the ability to work in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams.
  • PO3 Act and communicate ideas through drawings and data.
  • PO4 Aqcuire outstanding knowledge & software skills for design,construction, resources management and schdeuling & Monitoring of projects.
  • Completed Date: Acting with the innovative technical competence in the use of emerging trends in the building industry.
  • PO5 Understanding the diverse needs of values and systems of society and providing sustainable solutions.


M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute has secured Rank 28th in NIRF India Ranking 2022 for Architecture.

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