Bachelor of Design

B.Arch - Bachelor of Design

  • Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute is offering a four year Bachelor of Design programme for students inclined to design education. It offers a wide range of learning and hands on experience in the fields of Industrial Design, Interior design, Graphic design.
  • We groom students to skecthing techniques, material explorations like clay , wood, metal, glass etc developing overall analytical and cogenetive skills.
  • We actively organize field trips to Industry and organize workshops from Industry experts to create Design awareness. Enhancing students to learn various software skills in building overall development for students making them ready for Industry.
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    Program Outcomes
    PC01 Application: Abide the learning methodologies in Bachelors of Design
    PC02 Detailing and Sensitivity: Articulation of Learning and Presenting them with the sensitivity & outcomes
    PC03 Skills and Explorations: Defining problem, review of literature corresponding to problem, coming up with innovative solutions in terms of product process and presentation.
    PC04 Presentation skills: Refine the learning in terms of presentation techniques and presenting them with great skill and details.
    PC05 Perseverance: Staying at par with the design ideologies related to context of problem defining and outcome of solutions.
    PC06 Time management & Attendance: Efforts and concept of time management