International Workshop on SMART CONSERVATION 2.0

Faculty of Architecture organizes an International Workshop on Smart Conservation 2.0 in collaboration with AARDE Foundation, Chennai from Aug 21st to Aug 24th 2019. The Day 1 started with the inauguration in the presence of our Honorable president, Provost, Heads of the Department, Prof.Devakumar Maniokonda,Dr.Cathy Daly, Research Assosiate, College of Arts, Univeristy of Lincoln, Dr.Sagita Mirjam Sunara, Assistant Professor,Conservation – Restoration, The Arts Academy, University of Split (Croatia), Prof. Shradda Batawadekar, Research Assosiate, Brandenburg, Univertsiy of Technology, Cottbus – Senftenberg (Germany), Ar.Xavier Benedict, Founder, Anameka Architects and Designers, Chennai. The day 2 had a special lecture by Dr.Cathy on Assessing site level vulnerabilities. The day 3 had a site visit to Mahabalipuram where all the felicitators, Organisers and particpants had a wonderful time studying and analysing the shore temple and pancha rathas in Mahabalipuram. There were activities like hands on exercises, group discussions, presentations conducted inside the studio from Day 1 to Day 4. The day 4 had a special lecture by Dr.Sagita on Conserving outdoor arts. This conservation wokshop covered the subject areas relevant to Heritage management such as documentation, communication, value assessment, risk analysis and stakeholder engagement.

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